In this era, globalization and global issues demand Higher Education institutions to enhance competitiveness towards World Class University. The internationalization of higher education is seen as a means to enhance national competitiveness, which measured by the international rankings of the World Class University. As a part of Internationalization of educational program, in this year, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences organize the 2nd International Summer Course on Family Life among Agricultural Families in West Java. The Summer Course program is expected to expand networking among students and lecturers at the regional and international level. The 2nd International Summer Course on Family Life among Agricultural Families in West Java is conducted by the integration of in class lectures, field survey, and mini seminar. It is an application of family and consumer sciences to understand the family life especially in the rural area. This year, the theme of the Summer Course Program is “Household Gardening to Support Family Well-being”. Through this program, the understanding of international student on household gardening and its impact on family life will improve.



  1. To increase networking among universities in the regional and international level.
  2. To increase the number of inbound students and lectures in Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  3. To experience field study and work in the rural Indonesian areas to understand, to interact, and to work with agricultural families.


This Summer Course Program consists of in-class lectures, field survey, and mini seminar which conducted for ten days. The program is aimed to provide knowledge on profiles of agroecology in West Java, Indonesia and the utilization of homeyard, household gardening, family financial nanagement, family time management, child rearing and values of children, gender roles within family, family well-being; as well as to provide field practices experience on agricultural family life. After conducting field observation, students are expected to be able to explain the practice of agricultural family life at the Summer Course location in mini seminar session. The scope of this program consists of activities which aim to provide knowledge about family condition in Indonesia especially family in rural area and to provide experience to live with agricultural families. This Summer Course Program is credit earning academic program that has 1 credit.



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